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Our Planning & Design Fees

Planning Your Next Amazing Vacation requires more than just luck!

Our Fees

Thank you for considering Tropical Getaways for your next amazing vacation.  My passion is helping couples, families & group plan incredible and unforgettable vacations.  I work hard to find the right vacation for you that matches the occasion with your budget and travel style.


Working with Tropical Getaways travel ensures that you get the right trip at the right price & that I will be there for you should issues arise before or during your vacation.


To make sure that you receive the professional service that you deserve, I charge a planning and design fee that is based on the type of vacation you are looking for.  As a professional travel advisor, I have invested time and money into education to help my customers get the right vacation for their family or group.  In addition, I create customized proposals for my clients that offer several options to help them select the best vacation possible.


This fee is due prior to research & planning beginning and is non-refundable.  This fee does not apply to your vacation.


I have a simple fee structure that ensures that I can continue to offer my clients vacations to create memories that last a lifetime.


  • Domestic Travel: $75.00

  • Cruises & All-Inclusive Resorts: $100.00

  • Groups of 10-19 People: $250.00

  • Groups of 20-49 People: $500.00

  • Groups of 50 People or More: $750.00


After placing the deposit if you decide to cancel, we charge a fee of $150.00.


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