• John Maddox

Seven Reasons Everyone Should Take a Cruise Once

If you’ve never been on a cruise, you might be a little unsure of why they are so popular. There are tons of reasons why everyone should try a cruise out at least once in their life. Here are some of the best reasons to give cruises a chance.

1. Cruises Are High Value Vacations

Cruises are most often all-inclusive which means that all activities and food on the ship are included in your fare. Often excursions are also included in the prices of the cruise or more extensive onshore activities can be added to your trip at a reduced price. When you consider the costs of food, activities, transportation between locations, and excursions, the price of a cruise is often less than what you would pay if you booked the same vacation on your own.

2. One Bag, Multiple Destinations

Another advantage to cruises is that the ship often stops in multiple ports in the area of travel allowing guests to disembark and explore each port city. This means that you only have to pack for one trip but will get to explore multiple locations on a single trip.

3. Cruises Are Family-Friendly

Cruises are a great option for family vacations. Many cruises are family-friendly and have activities specifically designed to cater to the children in your family. If you find yourself needing some kid-free time during your vacation, many cruise ships are equipped with kids clubs and offer babysitting so parents can relax and enjoy a kid-free meal or two.

4. There Is A Cruise For Everyone

While some people want a huge, bustling cruise ship with all the activities, others want a smaller, more intimate experience. Fortunately, there is a cruise package for everyone. From cruising exotic locations to adventuring in the Arctic, you are sure to find something that fits your taste.

5. Cruises Are Available Year-Round

Whether you are a teacher who can only travel in the summer or a couple who wants to avoid high tourist times, a cruise can be booked any time of the year to fit your schedule. There are also multiple ports all over the world to cruise in and out of so it is easy to plan a cruise from a port that is most convenient to you any time of the year.

6. Cruises Are a Great Way to Try New Things

With 24-hour food service available and a variety of flavors, a cruise is a great place to try out new foods. Cruises also offer activities such as surfing, diving, and gambling. Many people have never tried these activities and since they are included with the cruise fare, a cruise vacation is a great time to try out new activities.

7. Cruising is Social

Cruising is a great way to meet new people. Share dinners and activities with friends that came along with you or with brand new people that you meet on the ship. It’s a great opportunity to let loose and make new friends. Many people stay in touch with fellow passengers long after their cruise ends!

Think its time to hit the open seas? Work with a cruising expert to help choose the right cruise for you and your family. Bon Voyage!

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