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The Biggest Differences Between Cruises & All-Inclusive Resorts

While both cruises and all-inclusive resorts can be great options for your next vacation there are some significant differences that can help you decide which one is right for you. Check out some of these distinct differences between all-inclusive resorts and cruises.

Cruise and All-Inclusive Resorts: Alcohol

While Cruises and all-inclusive resorts both offer alcohol, if you are looking to relax with a fancy cocktail, keep in mind that cruises generally do not include alcoholic drinks in your vacation package while all-inclusive resorts do. Cruises do offer drink packages that can start at $25 a day per person that will allow you to indulge in cocktails. You can always pay for your drinks in cash while on a cruise.

Most Cruises Don’t Offer Wi-Fi

If you are needing to stay connected or have Wi-Fi to work while on vacation, a cruise may not be a good option for you. Most cruises do offer Wi-Fi- but it isn’t usually fast enough to much more beyond check the occasional e-mail and cellular reception can be spotty in other countries or when the ship is out at sea. On the other hand, all-inclusive resorts typically offer Wi-Fi and many offer business rooms with computers or desks to connect easily.

Visit More Than One Location With A Cruise

While all-inclusive resorts often boast beautiful views and scenery, your stay is usually limited to the resort and excursions to the surrounding areas. Cruise ships sail from port to port often allowing guests to disembark and explore the various port cities. If you love to experience lots of locations on one vacation, go with a cruise. You will see so many more places and experience various local cultures on a cruise.

Cruises Can Be More Crowded

While both cruises and all-inclusive resorts offer social activities where you can mix and mingle with other guests, cruises tend to be a bit more crowded. Resort properties are often expansive and allow you to find privacy in the multiple pools and beaches. Cruise ships have limited space which means it might be more difficult to find a bit of privacy. If crowds aren’t really your thing, choose an all-inclusive resort for your next vacation.

Cruises Can Be Cheaper

While some luxury cruises will cost you a pretty penny, cruise packages tend to be much cheaper per night than all-inclusive resorts. Both include meals and activities but the privacy and larger rooms that you will find at a resort will factor into the price. If you are looking for a budget, all-inclusive vacation, check out some of the deals that cruise lines have to offer.

Cruises Require More Time Management

Many of the activities and excursions on a cruise are tightly scheduled and regulated which means if you struggle with time management, you might miss out on an excursion or activity. If you are looking for a vacation where there is not schedule and you can generally come and go as your please, an all-inclusive resort might be a better option for you.

Cruises and All-Inclusive Resorts- Which should I choose?

No matter what your budget, traveling style or idea of a great vacation is, there is either a cruise or an all-inclusive resort just for you. Just ask your travel advisor to help you plan your next vacation!

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